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Online order taking and delivery, and smart self-service systems
Release Time:2020-05-12 08:59:50 | Browse Number:215
  • For the company to establish a web portal, mobile app or other online channels, for consumers to place orders of goods or services, by using either subscription-based or custom-built e-commerce platform, including development and management

  • Such adoption of technologies should enable the company to perform end-to-end order placement and delivery to designated locations, by using e.g. smart self-servicing system, smart kiosk, smart vending machine, smart lockers, or with integration to e-logistics provider platform

  • Suitable but not limited to industries that are acquiring or promoting self-services, such as takeaway services in Food & Beverages industries

  • Promote such online portal through search engine promotion, digital advertisement such as social media promotion, e-coupon, loyalty programme, etc.

  • Excluding production of promotion materials, contents or assets (e.g. image, text and video etc. as part of the marketing and promotion materials)

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